Atlantic Seaside Holidays to France in a Campervan

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Atlantic Seaside Holidays to France

Choosing where to go on holiday can be tedious sometimes, so we thought we would put out a few tips and tricks on a good campervan seaside holiday to France.

Recently we put out a blog on how to take the ferry across to France you might want to have a read on that if you have not yet, or want some tips on what ferry to take etc. you can see the ferry blog information here

Once you have found out what boat to take depending on the area you’re heading for we have put together a few things that we would advise seeing or doing while taking a holiday to France.

Atlantic Seaside Holiday

If you are looking to take a seaside holiday and make the most of being near or on the beach then taking the coastal road can offer an array of things to do and see, we have numbered our top things to do and see or try while on an Atlantic coastal holiday in France.

  1. Mont Saint-Michel, as you arrive in France this will be a good first stop, rising dramatically out of the sea on the Normandy coast, Mont Saint-Michel is one of France’s most striking landmarks. This Pyramid in the sea is a mystical sight perched just on a rocky islet and surrounded by walls and bastions. At low tide you can walk across to the island at high tide during the season boats can be taken across.
  2. Surfing, France has some of the best waves in Europe, even if you’re not a fan of surfing it’s definitely something you need to experience. France holds an incredible number of surf camps up and down the coast.
  3. Seafood, the entire coast of France holds some really high quality seafood, from the oysters in Brittany to the sea snails of Vendee, be sure to explore different restaurants and their cuisine, sometimes the best are the little local ones so don’t be afraid to stop off and try them all out!
  4. Ile d’Yeu, a short boat ride from “Saint Gilles Croix de vie” in Vendee is a tiny 4 square mile island just off the coast, a boat from the port in Saint Gilles costs near enough nothing and the island is a fantastic day out! The Island holds restaurants and you can rent a bike to ride around this glorious little gem and take a dip in the crystal clear waters or maybe go diving with one of the schools over there. You can book rooms, flats etc. to rent over there but we think a day trip is enough to see everything. Best way to see the Island is definitely via bike ride but they have small cars for those unable to take the bike option too. We recommend taking this boat in the summer due to winter being off-season and boats may not be working.
  5. Camping, France holds thousands of camp sites, some of them typical tourist spots and others hidden little gems, be sure to do a little research into where you’re going to stop and pick out those little coastal camp sites, even some are family run and have vineyards! So get a taste of some of that gorgeous French wine while staying.
  6. Biarritz, a fashionable beach town famous for its surfing in the bay of Biscay France’s Basque country. This seaside resort has an elegant and aristocratic air; it was a favourite destination for Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III. Be sure to check out the Grande Plage, maybe stay at the luxury Hotel du Palais, see the museum of the sea, lighthouse on the coast or even the miremont tearoom that has served exceptional pastries since 1872!


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