Campervan Trip to Italy – Venice

Venice Campervan Trip

Campervan Trip to Italy – Venice

Thinking about going to Venice in Italy with a campervan? Here are some tips on what you MUST see and try while taking a trip to Venice, a life time experience and an eye opening, mouth watering delight taking you back in time making you want to come back over and over again.

1: Take a night ride on the #1 Vaporetto in Venice – While all other similar rides are good they are also expensive and not so romantic, people come to Italy for its romance. Take the Vaporetto which is a little slower and ideal for a nice paced romantic dinner, then take a serving of gelato for desert and enjoy the views under the moonlight sights of Venice in all its glory, a real romantic way to take the loved one out for dinner.

2: Get lost in Venice – some places do require a map to get around but getting lost in Venice is a great way to explore it and see more, so leave that map in the campervan and just park up and go and explore the streets! You will find yourself a lot less stressed trying to find the places you want and you will probably see things that others would not!

3: See all three major sights in one square – Standing in the middle of the amazing piazza San Marco is an experience in itself, also known as the “drawing room of Europe” by Napoleon.

4: Get around in a gondola – When people think of Venice or Italy they think about a gondola, these are great ways to get around Venice and prices can vary from €60-€100 for 30+ minutes. A once in a lifetime must do thing while visiting Venice.

5: Get a birds eye view – Head to the Campanile its the city’s tallest building originally built between 888 and 912, this building has outstanding birds eye views surrounding the entire city.

6: Get a taste for true Venetian cuisine – Be sure to go out and get a taste of Venetian cuisine its outstanding! Try the traditional dishes like the oca in onto (goose in its own fat) or freshwater fish done in saor at Antica Adelaide a fantastic restaurant for those seafood lovers. Also be sure to get the best polpette (meatballs) in town at the Ca d’Oro (Alla Vedova) including a strong selection of Venetian antipasti, including raw sea food at the Vini da Gigio restaurant.

7: Cool down while walking around town with a Gelato – Everyone who comes to Venice is walking around, it can get hot and tiresome so treat yourself to a gelato! Some say best served in Boutique del Gelato, a tiny outlet on the busy salizzada San Lio, be patient though, people crowd to get a taste of this gorgeous desert!

8: Walk in James Bond’s footsteps – If your a big fan of James Bond then to the east of campo Santo Stefano, campiello Pisani is overlooked by the amazing 17th century Palazzo Pisani now the music conservatory. This place was the massive shoot-out at the end of the 2006 James Bond film (Casino Royale)

9: Eat seafood you’ve never even seen before – The lagoon city has a glorious culinary tradition based on fresh seafood. A huge verity of sea creatures can be found in Venice for example the granseola (spider crab) or the garusoli (sea snails) and even mantis shrimps, Venice has it all and they know how to cook it!

10: Camping up in Venice with the campervan – Camping in Venice is easy, although you may not know of many camp sites, Venice holds a vast amount of places where you can book the camper in for a few days and go off exploring and doing some of the things above. We recommend trying the Camping Fusina which is situated at the mouth of the Brenta River facing the magnificent city of Venice.