Ireland in a Campervan

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Ireland in a Campervan

Ireland’s reputation precedes itself, so for first timers or campervan enthusiasts might think they know what to expect, gabby locals, clover fields etc. But there is so much more to Ireland than its normal day to day charms. Taking a campervan to Ireland is a fantastic way to get around and really explore this unknown land of luxury and historical wonderland.

Here are some tips on places to visit while exploring Ireland in a campervan:

1: Bru Na Boinne – Predating our Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids the Bru Na Boinne in County is a mind twisting testament to the achievements of prehistoric humans. This extraordinary necropolis includes the passage tomb of Newgrange, said to be built in the stone age in c 3200 BC with a chamber that floods with sunlight on the winter solstice.

2: Giant’s Causeway – Just between Belfast and Londonderry in County Antrim in Northern Ireland is Giant’s Causeway. This is a geological wonder, formed some 60 million years ago by cooling lava, its 40,000 hexagonal basalt columns jut into the sea. Legend has it they were built by giant Finn McCool to fight his rival Benandonner in Scotland.

3: Cliffs of Moher – Along Ireland’s new 2500km long coastal drive, also known as the Wild Atlantic Way holds the entirely vertical cliffs of Moher in County Clare which rise to a dramatic hight of 203m around 666ft!. Parking up in the campervan at the top of these can really take your breath away, especially on clear days when you can see the Aran Islands etched on the waters of Galway Bay. The sound will take you into another world with the ocean waves smashing below and the Atlantic spray on your cheeks. An ideal spot to just park up and have a Guinness!

4: Wildlife – Ireland is abundant in wildlife, one of them being Dolphins you take take a tour with one of the more known companies in Ireland (Dolphinwatch) and this is a one off experience, enjoy seeing these magnificent creatures in all their glory along with an abundance of other species of wildlife. For those into bird watching this is also a fantastic way to see a lot of different bird species which the business would be happy to point out the name of if spotted.

Dolphinwatch Carrigaholt Official Video from Susanne Magee on Vimeo.

5: Grafton Street Area, Dublin – So much more than your average shopping street, Grafton Street Area is filled with buskers, flower-sellers and performance artists. You will find countless places to stop and just watch the world go by. Cafe culture has taken off in the capital, and on a sunny day, you might think your in Barcelona or Lisbon, instead your in the heart of Irelands shopping heartland. If your looking for the best cafe and breakfast in town be sure to go and visit the Bewley’s Oriental Cafe. Be sure to take your time in this magnificent area as you duck down under the numerous alleyways and streets to see what you can find and discover.

6: The Aran Islands – Originally brought to the worlds attention in 1934 by the documentary Man of Aran, these islands have been attracting visitors ever since. This is a taste of Ireland as it once was. There are a total of three islands, the largest being Inishmore, then Inishmaan, and the smallest is Inisheer. Windswept, wild, rugged and so unique, the islands offer an experience like no other, not only that they are ideal for taking a camper over to and just exploring for a few days. One thing you cannot miss out on is the great stone fort of Dun Aonghasa and those towering cliffs of Aran. The local culture is a lot different to that of the mainland Ireland, the archaeological heritage cannot be found anywhere else and the rich scenery is just quite breathtaking…. one of the larger caravan camp sites in the islands is the Connemara Carvan & Camping park offering a wide range of services and activities.

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