Truffle Hunting & Food in South France with a Campervan

Truffle Hunting France

Truffle Hunting & Food in South France with a Campervan

Truffles, some call the gold of the food world, a truffle is the fruiting body of a subterranean ascomycete fungus, predominately one of the many species of the genus tuber. Some of the truffle species are highly prized as food and they can be found in Europe! So here at European Campervan Hire we thought we would post a blog on the best areas to go truffle hunting and or even go and taste this unique food.

These days the best way to probably see or try a truffle is to go on an official truffle hunting tour. One of those is to take a tour of a Provençal truffle plantation, learn how truffles are cultivated and truffle dogs are trained, and go on a hunt for France’s elusive “black gold” with professionals who know everything about the trade.

Most tours are followed up with a sampling of fresh truffle hors d’oevres, champagne and a tasting of organic olive oil and truffle oil, a fantastic way to park the camper up and spend the day doing something not many have considered doing. Not only that you get to try some other things such as olives and champagne made locally or even give a go at grape stomping!

Head down towards Marseille in France and get a taste of some real local cuisine, Marseille located on the med in the south of France has some other things you can visit while here too like the Cathedral de la Major which is a standout attraction in Marseille, or head down to the old port and get a taste of some local seafood fruits de mer (seafood), we hear that Toinou Les Fruits de Mer restaurant has the best in town!

Once you’ve have had enough of visiting Marseille head up to Cadenet, located in the National Park of Luberon where you can find local truffle hunting tours like Les Pastras a known truffle hunting tour business and recommended by thousands online. The company does everything from Truffle Hunts to olive harvests, champagne tasting and grape stomp, a great way to dig your feet into local fruits!

In and around Cadenet you can find couple of great camp sites to park up the camper for a few nights and the national park is a fantastic visit even if your not going truffle hunting, where you can do kayak rides through the gorges of Verdon or visit the crazy moon like rock formations scattered all over the park.

For more information on renting campervan’s, truffle hunting or if your just looking for advice on where to go and what to do with your camper then pop us an email at and we would be glad to answer any questions!


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