Why Us

Basically we care and we are passionate about what we do.

As a group we always approach things with an out of the usual attitude, we are always looking to do things differently, with this fun and innovative attitude we are not a hire company par se, we are a travel guide company who has a great sense of fun and adventure.

So we are not just hiring a super fun or luxurious camper, we are keen to pop you on your way and help you explore the wilderness and travel roads that some have never travelled in numbers.

Contact and communications are key , you will get guides from us of course, but more relevant our aim is to bring you “information”, ie the latest festivals to your interests, latest wine trails, cheese trails, even Ghostly trails, the paths forwards are vast, our growing top 10 lists will illustrate a huge range of things to do and explore, and this will be backed up by real time live information, ie if a surfing beach starts to get the breakers it needs , this info will be flashed to all our surfer campers. Fishing also is big business for camping, so regular catch updates will be broadcast, and many others similar. This is not going to be built overnight so in the back ground we will carry on listening, researching and basically “listening to you” so feedback and ideas are most, most welcome.

In the meantime this is what we offer

Fleet of mini campers, mostly 4wd, that can sleep 4, and with awnings can sleep 8,

Freshly valeted vehicles,

Fast communications, telephone and email is generally manned from 8am-10pm at night,

French and Uk collection base, ideal for those power break weeks where time is crucial, fly in by the beach and drive ,

Fully loaded campers, our “equipment with” list is huge and even has many extras geared for your family,

Serviced and backed to the hilt,

We not only service our campers to the guidelines we exceed them by far, each camper goes through an Mot equivalent check and beyond every few weeks,

Detailed Handovers, we don’t wish you to waste valuable holiday time figuring things out, so we do our utmost to demonstrate all the campers features, average hand over time is an hour, not the 5 minutes in a car park like many ?

Forward information,

Just to get you excited and most of all informed, we will try and get you forward info, ie tell us where your going or aim to go and if we have a data base on the area we will email the info across,


We have exclusive access to the largest fleet of japan import vehicles in Europe, and this is important as some hire companies do not own their stock and rely on one vehicle or even hire out “privately owned” campers, to our minds this is not a sign of serious support. Do be aware that camper databases on some companies look impressive and you think there is lots of stock, in many cases there is not and you could have a ruined holiday if you booked with people like this if their solitary camper broke down or had an accident a few days before you. Always ask the company you book with

Do you own or a subsidiary own the campers on hire

Do you use privately owned campers, ie are you agents,

How many campers are on fleet

Do you have 24 hour support back up campers


Hiring a Japanese camper is not like hiring a van camper, these are luxury through and through and built for the pleasure of driving,

Ie air con as standard

Silky smooth auto boxes, after all your on holiday to relax, not stick change,

Quiet, these are LUXURY MPV cars , not bouncy, noisy vans, so offer super smooth drives

Refined , electronic’s everywhere